ENSTA Paris celebrates its 280 years

Created in 1741, ENSTA Paris, the oldest French engineering school, trains general engineers able to support companies and public entities in the success of their most ambitious projects. From maritime engineering to the current challenges of engineering, ENSTA Paris has evolved with its time and the needs of society, training engineers able to meet the socio-economic challenges of today and tomorrow. A look back at its evolution and a spotlight on its ambitions.

At its inception, the School’s mission was to convey to maritime engineers all that mathematics and physics could bring to them in order to build ships that were faster, more manoeuvrable and more sustainable. 280 years later, it is still this simple and beautiful idea of putting science at the service of the general interest that summarizes its educational project. Today, the school covers the sectors of transport, energy, defence, digital with robotics and artificial intelligence, health and the environment.

Vidéo double anniversaire ENSTA Paris