ENSTA Paris Laboratories

ENSTA Paris has six laboratories which conduct applied research in close collaboration with the industry. The topics covered are very varied and reflect the offered specialisation streams.

Research topics of the Education and Research Departments (UER)

The Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department (UCP)

The Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department (UCP) is made up of three research groups, namely the Process Engineering Group (GDP), the Organic Synthesis and Reactivity Group (SOR) and the colloidal systems in industrial processes group (SCPI), affiliated with the Centre des Matériaux of Mines ParisTech, which has specific expertise in the area of nanoparticle synthesis.

The Computer Science and Systems Engineering Department (U2IS)

The Computer Science and Systems Engineering Department (U2IS) conducts its research work in the field of complex artificial systems. It unifies the School’s research work in computer science, robotics, vision, embedded systems, signal and image processing.

The Applied Mathematics Department (UMA)

The Applied Mathematics Department (UMA) is divided into two teams, Optimization and Control (OC) and Wave Propagation, Mathematical Study and Simulation (POEMS), plus a transverse team dedicated to the calculation. It has a dual mission of research and teaching in a wide variety of fields of applied mathematics (partial differential equations, modeling, optimization, control, probabilities), associated numerical methods and their academic and industrial applications.

The Mechanical Engineering Department (UME)

Research activities at the UME are characterised by a strong interdisciplinarity between the mechanics of fluids and solids: thermo-mechanical and multiphysics coupling, fatigue and durability of materials and structures, vibro-acoustics and nonlinear vibrations, flow separation and turbulence, geophysical fluids and oceanography. Since 2015, the Mechanical Engineering Department has also been part of the Institut des Sciences de la Mécanique et Applications Industrielles - IMSIA (A Joint Research Department EDF-ENSTA-CNRS-CEA 9219).

 The Applied Optics Department (LOA)

This laboratory is a joint ENSTA Paris, CNRS, and École Polytechnique research unit (Joint Research Unit (UMR) 7639) Its scientific work focuses on the development of ultra-short (10-15 s) and very high-power light pulses, the physics of laser-matter and plasma interactions, as well as the production of radiation beams (UV, XUV, X) and energetic particles (electrons, protons).

The Applied Economics Department

This department hosts part of the CRIFES team (Centre for Research in Industry, Space, Finance, and Services) from MATISSE (Economics Centre of the Sorbonne - Joint Research Unit (UMR) 8174 the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) - University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne). The Applied Economics Unit (UEA) has a twofold action plan. First and foremost, it aims for the development of tools and methodologies used for understanding the current economic situation and for creating a coherent representation of it. Then, the relevance of the used tools is derived by juxtaposing these analytical frameworks of industrial and public economics with the facts.