From research to industry in 3 years

Last December, Damien Mavaleix-Marchessoux, a graduate of ENSTA Paris, defended his thesis on the modelling of the impact of underwater explosions. The result of a 3-year project that has completed research carried out over the past decade within the Poems project-team, which is common to the CNRS, Inria and ENSTA Paris.

How can the impact of underwater explosions on submersibles be modelled more effectively? This is the very concrete industrial problem faced by Naval Group, the European leader in naval defence, each time it has to dimension the structures and equipment of its submarines.

Until now, Naval Group has been using a software developed in the 1970s, which is very demanding in terms of resources and calculation time. The objective of Damien Mavaleix-Marchessoux's thesis was to replace this software with an adaptation of a calculation code developed by Stéphanie Chaillat-Loseille, a CNRS researcher at ENSTA Paris, which is capable of taking into account millions of elements of these complex simulations. One of the main challenges was to adapt the code so that it could be easily used by industry.

Damien Mavaleix-Marchessoux, supervised by Marc Bonnet (Poems), Stéphanie Chaillat (Poems) and Bruno Leblé (Naval Group), has also found a solution to accelerate modelling thanks to a sorting of relevant information that allows a large number of calculations to be carried out quickly and accurately.

Read the detailed article that Inria devoted to this exemplary transposition of academic research into the industrial world by following this link.

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