Resources of the library


Paris Saclay FOCUS (ENSTA Paris view) allows you to search for, identify and locate printed and electronic documents (books, periodicals, DVDs, internship reports, etc.) of the ENSTA Paris library.

It is also possible to search directly in the shelves by referring to the classification plan of the library.

The ENSTA Paris catalogue is updated every month:

  • Discover the latest acquisitions of the library
  • Archives of previous acquisitions

If your library search is unsuccessful, search other catalogues:

  • The discovery tool FOCUS (Paris Saclay view). The query is made on all the documentary resources of all the documentary units of the University of Paris Saclay (including the library of the École Polytechnique)
  • SUDOC: allows you to search for and locate documents held by member libraries of the SUDOC (university, municipal, Grande École libraries, including that of ENSTA Paris).
  • Worldcat: "connects you to the collections of 10,000 libraries around the world", including that of ENSTA Paris.
  • KVK: This catalogue enables carrying out bibliographic searches on national and collective catalogues

Online resources

Dictionaries and encyclopaedias

  • Larousse -  possibility of viewing, in addition to the Petit Larousse, language, bilingual and specialised dictionaries, general culture books, books on practical life, extracurricular books, etc.
  • Classic Garnier digital dictionaries: corpus of 24 dictionaries covering the evolution of the French language from the 19th to the 20th centuries.
  • The digital Trésor de la Langue Française (TLF): The digital Trésor de la Langue Française (TLF ), produced by the CNRS, is the reference dictionary for the French language.
  • Lexilogos: directory of sites relating to languages and civilizations. Also includes tools such as dictionaries.
  • Wikipedia: open, cooperative and scalable free encyclopaedia, launched in 2001 in over 250 languages.


Scientific journals

Directory of digital journals via FOCUS ENSTA Paris: Journals can be searched for by title or ISSN. You can also search by subject or supplier. The directory provides access to the full text of the library's periodicals (subscription or free). Access to paid journals is allowed on site (within the school grounds). Some journals are also accessible remotely (identification by ENSTA Paris login/password, after selecting the establishment from your home, place of internship, etc.).
The springerLink and ScienceDirect journals can be viewed remotely, from your home, place of internship, etc. (identification by ENSTA Paris login / password, after selecting the establishment from your home, place of internship, etc.).

FOCUS ENSTA also gives you direct access to your article online (if the library subscribes to the resource in question). For this, copy the title of your article into the FOCUS search bar and start your search.

Online newspaper and journal kiosk

PressReader: an online kiosk providing electronic access to more than 7,400 international newspapers and magazines, from the day of publication, in their original language and format. On-site and remote access (the first login must be made from the library's website).



Scopus: it is the largest database of citations and abstracts from peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books and conferences. Scopus offers a comprehensive overview of global research advancements in science, technology, medicine, social sciences, arts, and humanities along with smart tools designed to track, analyse and view the search. On-site and remote access (creation of a personal account on site).

SciVal: bibliometric analysis tool: monitoring of research, development and prospective work. On-site and remote access (creation of a personal account).

Questel Orbit: database for searching, downloading and analysing patents. For accessing the database, contact the library.



  • Wikisource: A project of the Wikimedia foundation, Wikisource gives access to approximately 260,000 documents in the public domain or published under a free license.
  • The Gallica catalogue of the National Library of France, which digitizes its collections.
  • Livres pour tous allows you to download free and legal digital books in French.
  • Ebooks allows you to create, publish, and access free e-books. Copyright-free publications.
  • ManyBooks for downloading free books in French
  • Feedbooks: access to free books (public domain).
  • The Gutenberg Project offers access to nearly 53,000 titles that have become part of the public domain in ePub, Kindle, html or plain text format. No registration on the site is necessary. American site also offering many titles in French.
  • OAPEN: Open Access Publishing in European Networks: European site for academic e-books (the publishers are university presses).


Educational resources

E-learning, language learning

  • ASSIMIL methods: interactive language methods are available on the ASSIMIL platform, for the online self-learning of foreign languages. Subscription gives access to the entire catalogue. The resources are accessed from the School.
  • QIOZ: a site to learn languages for free with your favourite films, series, documentaries. To access it, you must create an account. The creation must be carried out from a connection located in the Ile-de-France region
  • Nuclear energy glossary in two parts: French-English and English-French

E-learning for non-French speakers

  • PADEN is an online course specially designed for non-French speaking students who wish to study in one of the French scientific higher education schools. PADEN is a distance learning system intended for non-French-speaking students who have already been recruited to attend a course in French in our scientific higher education establishments.
  • FILIPE: the FILIPE e-learning programme is based on multimedia modules comprising oral presentations and interactive exercises, to allow non-French speaking international students wishing to pursue engineering studies in France:
    • to improve their oral comprehension of scientific French
    • to discover the particularities of teaching "à la française"
    • to become aware of the intercultural dimension.

Course catalogues

ENSTA Paris courses: descriptions of lessons given at the School. The course handouts are available for viewing (on site only) at the library.
They are also available:

Open archives

  • HAL ENSTA Paris: HAL collection listing the scientific publications of ENSTA Paris researchers.
  • IP Paris Portal: HAL collection listing the scientific publications of researchers at the Polytechnic Institute of Paris.
  • TEL: HAL collection listing the theses defended in many French universities and schools.
  • BibNum: institutional archive of ENSTA Paris, referencing the internship work - in full text - of the students. Access to the text is free or controlled.